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  • Bees On The Net
    Ancient beekeeping is such a fascinating subject, this site has information about bees and how to become a beekeeper. There is evidence of honey being harvested stretching back for thousands of years. In fact beekeepers have been taking advantage of ...
  • Beekeeping Starter
    At Beekeeping Starter, information about beekeeping, bees, honey treatment of pests and diseases. ...
  • Mann Lake Limited
    Mann Lake is the leading beekeeping supply company in North America, with locations in California and Minnesota. We provide beekeepers with a comprehensive line of hives, protective clothing, feeds, medications, mite controls, and honey making equipm ...
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  • Go Beekeeping
    Beekeeping is a fantastic hobby. Those who get into beekeeping often get what is called bee fever. This is a hobby with many facets and gives almost anyone an opportunity to learn more about nature and the role of the productive honey bee. I would ...
  • The Bee Lab Services
    University of Minnesota Extension site has manuals and guides, public and academic courses, and description of their research. ...
  • Honey Bee Ring
    Webring which may be joined by any beekepingrelated web site. ...
  • The Honey Bee
    Honey sold in shops comes from honeybees. The honeybee Apis mellifera was introduced to Australia in 1810 by Samuel Marsden who imported an unknown number of colonies from England although it is also reported that he brought the two 2 hives from Rio ...
  • Beekeeping Course
    All New, State of the Art Beekeeping Forum designed to entertain and educate anyone with interest in world of Beekeeping. Share images, private messaging, This extremely secure forum is moderated and totally family friendly. ...
  • The Bee Thinking
    Bee Thinking is the largest uptodate directory of bee related resources on the internet. We strive to provide an intuitive, communitydriven environment that allows you, the user, to find and submit information easily. The chief end of beekeeping shou ...
  • Beekeeping Information
    Pollination is essential for good fruit production when growing cucumbers and the only reliable vector for cucumber pollination is an insect. Presently, honey bees are the only insects that are commercially available to supplement existing insect pop ...

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